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During the last weekend of May, I found myself reflecting on whether I should or shouldn’t write a blog post about Father’s Day for my newly launched website. The occasion doesn’t move me as much as Mother’s Day does, so I didn’t really feel like it and had to mull things over.

I never had a real relationship with my dad. To me, he was just an authority figure who scolded me when I misbehaved as a kid, checked my grades to see how I was performing in class, and provided money for education and daily expenses.

But I did look up to him as I recall when I was a kid, I used to always say to my friends that I would like to be a lawyer like him. And when he passed away many years ago, I remember feeling so sad. Yet I never really understood what kind of bond we had…why he was so distant.

So every time I see loving father-and-daughter scenes, whether in movies or in real life, I can’t help but feel different sorts of emotions…moved that such a bond exists, but also jealous and sad that I never had such kind of a relationship with my father.

Eventually, one week into Father’s Day, I decided to write and publish a Father’s Day post. I thought I would try even just to be a tiny spark in other daughters’ world.

As I reflected on my relationship with my dad, it also moved me to remember my Abba. The Dad who has always been present in my daily life. Who I can talk to anytime and hears even my softest murmur. The Father who has always been my tower of strength and confidence.

Surely, with God as my Father, I know I will always be Abba’s girl ü!


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