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You Raise Me Up

Just a week to go and it’s Holy Week. It’s been almost a year now since an ordeal happened in my life. I remember how my days then were like Good Fridays and Black Saturdays. Difficult. Crucifying. And agonizing.

It was quite a trek. But God took my hand into His. And walked the rough road with me.

Step by step, I was able to keep moving. Oh so heavy the load was! God’s grace held me up in my every fall. His love was there to wipe my tears. His faithfulness strengthened my spirit.

It’s been almost a year now. My God and I have gone far through the road.

Though my journey is not finished yet, I know that just as He has told me, the day will come when my awesome, wonder-working God shall raise me up so I can walk on through the last blow of the storm.

That day when He shall raise me up so I can stand on the mountain at the end of my rugged road, experience my resurrection and see the shining of my Easter Sunday!

“In the shadow of my failing
There Your grace it covers me
God, You work in my beginnings, in endings, You’re moving
I know You can make a way

Even now when my hope is gone
Even now when there seems no way
Lord, I know You can do all things
You can roll the stone away
Raise me even on the fourth day” 

-(excerpt from the song “Even Now” by Feast Worship from the album “The Great Unknown”)

**(This reflection is an excerpt from PreciousBooks’ book Musings of a Sinner by Glenda Cacho.  Books for a cause!  Available on Amazon & Blurb.)**

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